Electric hot water bottle

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With the DERYAN electric hot water bottle, filling your hot water bottle with boiling water is a thing of the past. This hot water bottle is filled with water as standard and can heat up at a safe distance using the charger.
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✓ Electrically rechargeable
✓ No danger of spills and boiling water
✓ Heats up within 8 minutes
✓ Hours of fun and warmth
✓ Non- toxic: water-based
✓ Automatically switches off at 65°C

Easy and fast
The hot water bottle reaches the right temperature within 8 minutes and stays warm for up to 4 hours. You simply put the plug in the socket and the rest takes care of itself. This means you will no longer have to worry about spilling water. This way you have a lovely hot water bottle in an easy, fast and convenient way.

Safety first
The standard water bottle that you have to keep refilling with hot water is often experienced as inconvenient but especially unsafe. This electric hot water bottle is rechargeable and automatically stops heating at 65°C. This makes it extra safe for use. Thanks to the cover of the hot water bottle, the hot water bottle will never feel too hot. Your little one can therefore enjoy the warmth without any worries, without running any risks.

Soft due to the fluffy fur
The DERYAN Electric Hot Water Bottle is extra nice for everyone due to its soft fluffy protective cover. This cover feels as soft as velvet and is pleasant to the skin. This makes it very comfortable for your child while sleeping, for example.

Note: always use the corresponding cover and read the manual carefully before use!


Yes, electric

Duration for warming up

8 minutes

Maximum temperature


How long warm?

Stays warm for up to 4 hours