Discover all the possibilities and unprecedented play fun with the DERYAN Wigwam Tipi Tent.

  • Original design
    Dedicated to designing ingenious children's products.
  • Safety
    Carefully certified so that it can be enjoyed undisturbed.
  • Easy to carry
    The premium technology makes it a lightweight product.
Live like a real Indian with the luxurious DERYAN Wigwam!
Place it in your room, in the garden or in the attic and let your fantasies run wild! In no time at all, you will conjure yourself into the wonderful world of the Indians.
For hours of fun
The DERYAN Wigwam has a base of wooden sticks, which makes sure that the teepee stands extremely firm. The tent cloth is made of cotton in order to create a cosy environment. The sleeping or playing mat, which is included as standard, ensures ultimate comfort, so that your little one will be entertained for hours. The DERYAN Wigwam is suitable for any age. Because the tent is extra spacious, you can even put several children in it! Discover all the possibilities and unprecedented play pleasure with the DERYAN Wigwam.