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19 December 2022

The (first) winter with your baby

Getting through winter with your baby can be quite exciting, especially if it's your first winter with your baby. Naturally, you worry a lot more about whether your baby is too cold, whether flu is lurking and all the jumpers, coats and other winter clothes you need to take with you on the road. Not only in terms of clothing and temperature, but also in terms of your baby's skin, there are some things you need to know to make the winter months with your baby as comfortable as possible!

Tips for the winter months with your baby

1. care for and protect your baby's skin

During the winter months, your baby's skin needs a little extra care and attention. This is because of the cold, icy air outside and the dry air inside due to the heating. The skin can become dry, red or itchy. So rub your baby's skin once a day with an oily, moisturising baby oil that is safe for your baby's skin. Does your baby have very dry skin? Then it is okay to apply it several times a day. If you are worried about your baby's dry skin, it is best to consult your doctor. Try not to wash your baby with too hot water, even every day, as this can also lead to dry baby skin. Read more about caring for baby's skin in winter and autumn here.

2. layered clothing

As you will be changing a lot in winter with your baby from the winter cold outside to the oven warmth inside, it is practical to always put on and wear several layers of clothing. This way you can always keep your baby's body temperature at a comfortable level without making him too cold or too warm. Try to dress your baby in breathable materials so that your non-baby is not dressed from head to toe in wool, which can make him too hot.

3. take off your coat in the car!

It may feel natural to leave your baby's winter coat on in the car, but it's still better to take it off. This is because the seatbelts are not adjusted properly with a winter coat, so the distance between your baby's body and the seatbelt is too great. Your baby may still not be properly secured in the car. Therefore, it is better to adjust the harness to your body and take off the thick winter coat. It may be useful to warm up the car beforehand or use a blanket once your child is in the seat. 4.

4. carry your baby

When you are out and about with your baby, you can of course put him or her in the pram, but you can also carry your baby in a sling or baby carrier. This way, your baby stays nice and warm thanks to your body heat and it's a lot of fun for both of you! Ideal when you go for a winter walk outside with your child to keep your baby warm.

5. blankets and covers for the pram?

Just like in summer, it is important that your baby can breathe freely in the pram in winter. So even if it is cold, it is not a good idea to cover the pram completely with a blanket or cloth. Always make sure that your baby gets some fresh air and use covers specially designed for the pram. Put your baby in the pram with a jacket, scarf, hat and gloves and cover up to chest height.

6. temperature in the house

The temperature in the house should be neither too hot nor too cold. So don't turn up the heating too much or your baby could get dry skin. The ideal temperature in the house is between 20 and 22 degrees. In the baby's room, the ideal temperature for your baby to sleep is 20 degrees up to the 8th week, then 16 to 18 degrees. Consider the TOG value of the sleeping textiles for your baby. 7.

7. good hygiene

During the winter months, the chances of catching flu or a cold are naturally much higher. Good hygiene for the whole family is therefore very important: wash your hands frequently, avoid other sick children and dress your child well when you go out.

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