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18 March 2021
Sleeping over at grandpa and grandma's is not only a big party for the parents but also for the child. A child often learns a lot from staying with grandparents for a weekend, during such a weekend the bond between the grandchild and the grandparents often improves and the parents can relax knowing that their child is playing with grandparents.
What do you need to prepare?
Often, as a parent, you have a lot more stress than necessary when your child goes to sleep with grandparents. Your parents often know how to deal with a small child, you yourself, for that matter, were also small. It is a good idea to tell your parents what your child can and cannot do. It is also a good idea to let them know when your child needs to go to bed and when they can eat. If your child is still young, it is important to stick to a rhythm as much as possible because small children need this. Furthermore, you should of course pack the normal things like toothbrush and clothes.
Make sure your child feels at home
You can do this by letting your child pack his own things, the things he takes with him will make him feel at home. You can also make sure that your child can sleep well, for this you could consider one of our tents. Our tents are perfect for a night with grandma and grandpa. The tents are very light and therefore easy to take with you, also they have a convenient pop-up system which makes it no trouble to make a comfortable sleeping place. The tents are up within 2 seconds and are also simple to fold. For these reasons the tents are ideal for a night with grandma and grandpa.
Give your parents freedom
For your parents it is also very nice when they do not have someone breathing down their neck. If you give your parents the freedom to do what they want with the child, they will also be a lot calmer, not having to think about it all the time. If your parents have the freedom to do what they want, they can make the most of the time with their grandchild and create the best memories.
Enjoy yourself too 
Of course, you should not forget to enjoy the peace and quiet you get. Life as a parent of a baby is often hectic and you have little time to unwind. When your child is with the babysitter you finally have time to rest and enjoy your free time.
If your child is going to sleep with your parents it is important that you enjoy the moment as much as possible, then your parents and your child will do the same. When your child spends the weekend with your parents they learn and grow super much from it.
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