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4 January 2022

Lose weight, eat less, drink less or worry less about things: the list for every start of the year. However, these are all good intentions that you often try to fulfill on your own. But isn't it more fun to stick to good intentions together? Stimulation and motivation is very important, and how much fun it is to take on a fun challenge with your child. That's why we give you a fresh dose of inspiration to start your year with your child right!

Eat healthy together!

It's no secret that a healthy diet has benefits for everyone. For example, it is especially important for children that they get the right nutrients, because they still have to grow!

Not only healthy eating is important, but also eating together. A few blogs back we already explained the importance of eating together. Curious? Read this blog post here.

Give compliments

A nice compliment is never wrong, right? It is even more fun to share this with your child. In addition, you teach your child a positive and friendly mindset. They also learn to look at their fellow human beings differently, by complimenting something different each time. It is of course not always easy for children to come up with compliments themselves, so you can give them a list with examples. And no, that doesn't make the compliment any less sincere!

Talk to your child

Yes, guilty! We often have a knack for talking to our children, rather than with them. Let your child ask you a question! What would they like from their parents? Have a conversation with your child. You may find out even faster how much you look alike!

Cleaning up together

Cleaning up is often not the most fun activity for us, let alone for your child. Yet it is important that they get this at a young age and learn. Try to make it a fun moment by cleaning up together. As a result, the association with this activity is positive and children are more likely to do it on their own.

Less screen time

We can no longer avoid it: screens! Nowadays it is already a habit for children to receive lessons on a tablet or computer. More and more games are becoming digital, which means that children are asking at an increasingly younger age: “Can I have the tablet?”

Agree with yourself (possibly partner) and your child how often screen time is desired per week. This way your child also knows when he / she can or cannot ask about it!

More outside

It is very healthy to be outside, but unfortunately many children are indoors. In this annoying time, when schools are closed all the time, and children are forced inside, it is important that they are outside a little extra.
As a parent, take that extra 10 minutes to go to the playground, or walk around the nearest lake. Healthy for yourself, but also for your child!

Have you ever made New Year's resolutions with your child, or are you planning to do so after reading this blog post? Then let us know in the comments below!

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