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8 September 2021

One of the most enjoyable times of the day is dinner with a group of friends or with your family. You come back from work and grab your quality time with your family. Unfortunately, the reality is different. For example, research has shown that only a third of families were still eating together in 2020. We think too little! Why we would like to explain to you on the basis of the following 5 aspects.


Eating together is educational

It is very important for children to eat together. At a younger age, children develop and learn a lot from their environment. Did you know that you, as a direct table companion, have an influence on this? In this way, children not only learn from the conversations you have at the table, but also from the habits you have.


Eating together creates a bond

You probably know this situation: you and your partner are busy all day at work or cleaning up the mess that was created the day before, your children are at school or with the babysitter and in the During the evening you are both ready for the couch or your bed. Even so, dinner is one of the few times when you have the opportunity to get everyone at the table at the same time. The moment to enjoy extra. Discuss the day and cherish these little moments when you have time with your loved ones. This way you strengthen the bond with your children. They'll be out of the house before you know it!


You eat better together

Research has shown that people eat more when they are in a group. Are you alone around dinner time? Don't skip your dinner, as many do. But lead by example and call a friend to make another healthy meal. Or postpone dinner for an hour so that you can eat together with your family. Your child will probably eat more healthy dinner with the whole family at the table and that's what you want as a parent, right?


From variety to omnivores

Eat what the pot is. Eating with the whole family often results in more varied meals. A varied diet is very important for your baby in the first years. This will teach your little one to eat or at least try all kinds of food. Is your child an omnivore?


In short, enjoy each other and spend enough time and attention on dinner. Nice: let us know why you think eating together with your family is important!




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