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9 July 2021
It is nothing new that women gain a few pounds during pregnancy. Shortly after delivery you already lose about six kilos because your baby, the amniotic fluid and the fibers leave your body. After this you may notice that you still have some extra kilos than you had before the pregnancy. This is not bad at all but you might want to get them off. This article contains a number of useful tips that you can apply to get the best results!
Not wanting too much
It is important not to want too much in a short time, your body has to recover for at least six weeks after pregnancy. While losing weight, you should expect to lose about 0.5 kg per week. If you are still breastfeeding you should not live in a calorie deficit. You should expect to consume 500 calories more per day. So you should not live in a calorie deficit of 1500 kcal per day, eat at least 2000 kcal so you can lose weight but also breastfeed healthily.
Lose weight by eating healthy
After the pregnancy you should not immediately start dieting, because your body still needs to recover after the pregnancy. Six weeks after the delivery you have a follow-up check-up with the midwife, during this check-up you can discuss whether you are ready to lose weight.
After the pregnancy you often have little time to cook, you're busy with your baby all day and if you have some time for yourself you usually don't feel like cooking. This often causes you to eat unhealthy, you can avoid this by making sure you always have meals ready. Ask your friend if he wants to cook, you can freeze these meals and in this way you always have something healthy at home.
Exercise after giving birth
As with the diet, you should wait until your body has fully recovered to start exercising. Once you start exercising you should build it up slowly. Do you notice that something takes too much energy? Then stop the exercise and take a rest, because it could be that your body is still not fully recovered. Exercise is one of the most important things when you want to lose weight but you shouldn't run too fast, this can cause injuries and then you're even worse off.
You can also look for some extra help during your workout, look for a personal trainer or get some supplements. You can get these supplements at ECOPHANT, these supplements are 100% vegan and have all the necessary labels! In the range of ECOPHANT there are different products, there is sports nutrition, vitamins and products for losing weight. You're going to want to look particularly at the products for slimming, these increase fat burning and give you just that extra bit of energy for optimal results!
Note: Please consult your doctor regarding the use of supplements.
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