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25 November 2021

During the colder period of the year, your resistance is sometimes put to the test. Almost everyone gets a cold from time to time. However, the cold is not what makes us sick, but it does have a direct influence on our resistance. For example, most people sit inside with a warm blanket during the colder days. Windows and doors remain closed, the heating is heated up considerably and people seek each other out in indoor spaces. As a result, the rooms are often poorly ventilated and viruses are more likely to spread, with the result; a snot nose!

People with a poorer resistance are more susceptible to the viruses that spread. These people have a weaker immune system. This can have many causes, such as consuming unhealthy food, poor lifestyle and lack of exercise. People with a weakened immune system feel tired more often, get the flu more often and regularly have cold complaints.

Children are much more susceptible to diseases than adults. This is because the immune system can only fight known viruses. To promote the immune system and resistance of your child, we have listed a number of tips below that can make a big difference for both children and adults.

- Occasional nap

Sufficient sleep is very important, not only for adults but also for children. It is essential for a child to have an average of 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day. During the day they are real crowds, so make sure you get enough rest to recharge. An afternoon nap won't hurt either if they are a little tired during the day. Try to build a routine with bedtimes. This applies not only to your child, but also to adults. Building a routine promotes sleep!

- Active out in the open air

Make sure your child spends as much time outdoors as possible. Fresh air is very good for the immune system. Let your child play outside, play sports or go for a nice walk together. Keeping moving ensures that the bacteria in the body are combated by the increased body temperature. Going out with your child is also possible during the colder periods. For example, you can go cycling together. With the Deryan Bike-a-way you protect your child against the cold. This is easy to place over the bicycle seat and comes with a poncho! This way you protect your child not only against the cold, but also against the rain.

- Leave stress behind

Reducing stress has a bigger impact on your immune system than most people think. For example, people with a high level of stress catch a cold more quickly and are more likely to get infections. This also applies to children. As a parent, it is important to ensure that your child does not feel your own stress and difficulties. Have fun together and always try to stay positive.

- The right diet

Healthy food is very important to strengthen your immune system. As a parent, it is important to give your child as much variety in the diet as possible. This way they enjoy a lot more later in life, which is also nice for those who prepare the meals at home. To promote your resistance, it is important to get various nutrients. This way you get fiber from whole grain products, vegetables and fruit. Vitamin D from oranges, dairy products and fish. Vitamin C from broccoli, chicory and kiwi. Nuts also help strengthen your immune system! Sufficient proteins are of course also indispensable. You get these from chicken, eggs, beans and fish, for example. Try to make something new regularly. Fun and tasty for you and your baby!

Hopefully, you and your child will benefit from these easy, but very effective tips to get through the winter without the flu and colds. Do you have any tips for fellow readers?

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