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18 June 2021

Every parent has experienced it at some point: you are visiting someone and you want to stay the night but there is no place for your child to sleep. This is obviously very annoying because you always have to take into account your child, how can you still sleep and also ensure that your child sleeps well.

Always be prepared

This is actually a pretty logical tip, always be prepared. For example, if you always make sure that you bring some extra clothes for your child, then you don't have to think about that if you want to stay overnight. You could also take one of our tents with you in the car, our tents are very compact and lightweight so you don't have to carry heavy and clumsy tents. Furthermore, our tents are a great place for your child to play or just rest. The handy pop-up system means you never have to spend too much time with awkward tent poles.

Putting your baby to bed

When putting your child to bed, it is very important to follow the normal "rituals". Babies in particular need these very much and by following them a baby usually sleeps better. So if you normally tell a story it is important that you do this again, you may think that this does not matter much but a baby attaches great value to this.

Check on your baby regularly

This is what you normally do but it is important not to forget it. If you are using a baby monitor at home and you are not using it now you should check on your baby every half hour, to make sure you don't forget this I recommend you set a timer to go off every half hour.


Staying at someone else's house with your baby doesn't make much difference, it may be a little more difficult to get your baby to sleep but once he is asleep then all is well. Of course it's different than at home but you don't have to worry about it very much.

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