The DERYAN mosquito net bed tent, with the handy pop-up system, is a compact bed net that effectively protects you against mosquitoes and other biting insects while you sleep.

  • Original design
    Dedicated to designing ingenious children's products.
  • Safety
    Carefully certified so that it can be enjoyed undisturbed.
  • Easy to carry
    The premium technology makes it a lightweight product.
Bed tent and carrying bag
100% polyester, fire retardant, 50% UV protection and mosquito net with mesh size less than 1mm
200 x 90 x 110 cm (l x w x h)
Dimensions in carrying case
46 x 7 x 46 (l x w x h)
Product weight
Only 0.5 kg
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Since 1999
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Number 1 at the moment
For every parent
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