Designed with passion and developed with care

Whether it's a picnic in the park or a faraway trip to the other side of the world, our products make you and your baby feel comfortable and safe, anytime, anywhere. All DERYAN products are designed with passion and developed with care. Do you think that going out or on vacation with a young family is not very practical? We prove you wrong! With our smart products, every outing becomes a lot more relaxing and many wonderful new adventures await you!

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We believe in making the most of the special time with your family. Our many handy, unique and patented products help you do so, because happy parents lead to healthy children and happy faces in the family. This is anchored in the DNA of all the employees of family-owned DERYAN.

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100% Dutch Design
100% Dutch Design

All our products are 100% Dutch Design, patented worldwide and sold in 120 countries. Ease of use is our top priority. For example, the camping beds can be unfolded and folded in a flash and because of their light weight the products are easy to take with you. Ideal for travel, a sleepover or just in your backyard.

DERYAN has been a true family business for more than 20 years

The driving force behind DERYAN is founder and father Roy van Aalst. He knows the baby market inside and out and founded his company in 1999. DERYAN is a combination of the names of his 2 sons: Dean and Ryan. With the arrival of his own children, he quickly saw that many products could be made much more convenient and better. He likes to design unique, innovative products from his own drawing board. Roy: "With us everything is done for a reason, we think about every detail. We test and refine every product, from the right choice of materials and stitching, to making sure it is safe and we stand behind it. So that you and your family can enjoy all the wonderful moments that the arrival of a little one brings."

Monique van Aalst stood by Roy when DERYAN was in its infancy, in good times and in not so good times. While she was busy raising the boys, the DERYAN house was also a big laboratory for testing all the prototype products. Monique makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the family.

Roy's father Martien van Aalst has been involved in DERYAN from the very beginning. Grandpa DERYAN, as he is also called, is patient, has a big family heart and has always kept an eye on things since the start of the company. The family praises his organization and accuracy.

Son Dean studied business economics, strengthens the company in the area of marketing and sales, and knows how to get things done. Dean: "We are a family business that develops safe, quality products to make parenting easier and don't do it just to sell, but we've been where our customers are and our designs reflect that."